A unique location overlooking the IJ

Thanks to the flexible yet cozy setup, you can be sure that dining with a large group remains intimate and enjoyable. Details are just as important as the food, so we go the extra mile to make your group dinner as unforgettable as possible.

While the company may enhance the atmosphere, the location is equally important. Ours is nestled along the banks of the IJ in the popular Amsterdam-Noord. So whether it's a team dinner, a birthday celebration, or a family lunch, our restaurant caters to a wide range of large groups. Check out our portfolio for the diverse options available.

Enjoying delicious food with a large group in a lively atmosphere.

rom a casual café atmosphere to a full-service restaurant, and from a tasting room to an outdoor terrace for drinks, dining with a group offers a variety of options. You can reserve the entire restaurant for a large group, or opt for a more intimate setting for your group's dining experience.

When dining with a group, it's important that the menu caters to everyone's tastes. Our menu offers a fresh twist on classic dishes, using herbs, spices, and cooking techniques that enhance and preserve each flavor. Additionally, we offer a diverse selection of botanical beverages, including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, such as botanical beers, sodas, teas, juices, cocktails, and beertails.

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