On the menu

The perfect venue for a wedding celebration deserves equally impressive food and drinks. Our menu is filled with delicious dishes that highlight the flavorful power of plants, with options including meat or fish.

Of course, we offer a creative selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers - crafted with botanical ingredients such as fruits, spices, and herbs. Equally enhancing the atmosphere are our botanical sodas, fresh teas, 100% natural juices, cocktails, and beertails.

Together, we'll curate a fitting selection of dishes, snacks, and beverages that cater to your needs. Presented on personalized menus, naturally. Curious about more details? Take a look at our portfolio.

Your dream wedding

We completely understand: the ideal venue for your wedding needs to meet all your requirements. A charming ambiance, surrounded by lush greenery, with a sun-drenched terrace: Lowlander Botanical Bar and Restaurant offers the perfect wedding venue in Amsterdam-Noord.

Our flexible spaces are perfect for both an intimate ceremony and an unforgettable reception. Looking for both? That's absolutely possible too. With a total space of 764 m2, your ceremony, dinner, and subsequent celebration can all take place under one roof. We ensure that the atmosphere of the space seamlessly matches each part of your event.

Discover the possibilities

Do you have specific requests and want to know what the possibilities are? Or would you like to come and see if Lowlander Botanical Bar & Restaurant is indeed the perfect wedding venue for your special day? Let us know via the form below, and we'll discuss your preferences together.

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