A gathering for every season

In the cozy space of Lowlander Botanical Bar & Garden, there are countless options when it comes to food and drinks. Opt for old-school snacks paired with beer, indulge in our non-alcoholic selection featuring botanically brewed beers and sodas, or surprise guests with homemade beertails.

During warmer months, our sun-drenched terrace with views over the IJ is the perfect choice. But we also have everything you need for a New Year's or Christmas gathering. Think festive Christmas lights, cozy corners for a real living room feel, and of course, seasonal options on the menu. Whether it's a baby shower or birthday celebration, we've got you covered for any occasion.

Corporate drinks

At an unforgettable corporate gathering, creating the right atmosphere is paramount, and that's where we excel. Despite our spacious 764 m2 venue, the cozy interior evokes the feeling of a café where you never want to leave. With a flexible layout, you can tailor the gathering to be as large or intimate as you like. It's a great alternative when your favorite small café around the corner can't accommodate everyone.

Time for drinks!

Are you curious if your plans for a gathering can be accommodated at our venue? Or do you want to learn more about the possibilities for a corporate event or perhaps a wedding? We're eager to hear from you - let us know via the contact form below, and we'll discuss everything in detail.

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